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Are You A Late Boomer?

Ever get the distinct feeling that you’re running a bit late?

I’m not talking about the kind of late where your spouse is in the garage and the car’s been running for twenty minutes and you can just picture your sweetie’s fingers tapping on the steering wheel.

I’m not even talking about the kind of late where you run into a business meeting huffing under the weight of your computer bag but smiling anyway at your associates who just ate the last of the Panera’s pastries (including your favorite, the bearclaw).

No, the kind of late I’m talking about is having post-midlife sneak up on you and catch you almost completely unaware. I mean, did you honestly imagine you’d be this age already? I didn’t think so.

So, if you’re running a little late as a Boomer, this site is for you. We’re going to cover—eventually and in no particular order, because we’ve got our reputation as free-wheeling creative sorts to preserve—all the topics people our age find themselves interested in, whether they planned to or not.

We’ll delve into Boomer finances, sure. And health or ahem the lack thereof. Then there’s the Revolving Door Syndrome, not to mention grandkids. And what about caring for your parents? Did you realize they would switch it up on us like this?

We’ll have lots of information about travel, and lifetime learning, and downsizing homes, plus enjoying a vibrant retirement.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss fun stuff, like Boomer dreams. We do still have dreams, don’t we? Umm, yeah. We do. I’m thinking Late Boomers have dreams in spades. We still want to make a difference in the world. We still want to leave a legacy to our children and our communities.

And while it’s as difficult to define giving back as it is to express what the meaning of is is, we Boomers definitely want to give back, too.

Are you a Late Boomer? Have you inadvertently put too many of your needs, goals, and dreams on life’s back burner, where they’ve simmered until the pot nearly burned dry?
If so, this is the place to get it together (and, quite possibly, to get it undone…).

No matter where you find yourself at this stage of life, this is the place to Boom Where You Are Planted.

Posted by Katy on 05/16/08}

  1. I am not running a bit late.

    Posted by dvdtoolfreak  on  09/20/10  at  01:54 AM

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Are You a Late Boomer?

If looming retirement is catching you off-guard between an aging parent and a revolving-door kid, you might be. If you've delayed travel only to discover they've changed the names of all the countries, you are. And if you're a member of the Baby Boomer Generation who's ready to give back but you've forgotten where you put it, stay tuned. From healthcare to personal finance, from career changes to volunteerism, it's time to boom where you are planted.