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Guaranteed ROI On Meat Purchase

Here’s the deal: I’m a meat eater. In fact, as of eight years ago, meat has displaced chocolate as the most important food group in my home.  :)  Now, of course, I can get my all-important protein fix with thank-God-they’re-still-not-as-expensive-as-gasoline eggs, but eventually a girl gets tired of eggs. Sometimes, a chick wants steak. I’m just sayin’.

That said, it’s been awfully difficult to afford meat in recent months. So if I ever see a grocery store loss-leading with a humongous meat sale, I’m so there. Recently, Price Chopper had hamburger for $1.29/lb. We hosted a huge party for our Sunday School class and their families. I made enormous kettles of chili to feed fifty, plus a few other items. This sale was a lifesaver. I bought a case of Mexican chili beans at Aldi’s and was all set.

The way I look at it, buying food that I know I’ll use when it’s on sale for practically nothing provides me an instant return on investment the likes of which I can’t get anywhere else. So my grocery shopping is all about loss leaders. I purchase what they’re giving away, and plan my meals around those foods.

It may not be as exciting as plunking $50 down on a share or two of stock, but it’s a sure thing. And with the money I save, I can put us in an even better financial position by paying down a debt, adding to savings, or—yes—contributing to our retirement account.

Are you taking advantage of the rate of return you can achieve instantly by purchasing groceries at a steep discount? The bargains are still out there, even though prices across the board have definitely gone up. Grab them while they’re hot, and don’t burn your tongue enjoying some good old-fashioned meat.

Posted by Katy on 05/22/08}
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