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Late Boomer, Indeed

I Only Thought Boomers Were Behind The Retirement Curve!

Please allow me to apologize for my woeful dearth of blogging here at Late Boomer. I’m getting back into the groove now, I promise.

Can you believe everything that’s happened out there in the world since I started this simple site earlier this year? Honestly, I thought I’d just provide a forum in which those of us nearing or entering retirement could encourage each other along the path. Especially those of us who have failed to plan or execute our plans in such a way as to make our later years relatively painless.

But now? Now we’re all in pain, unless I’m mistaken. Even the folks who had it all together have now gotten it undone. Something’s gotta give, boomers, because now it actually SEEMS as late as it IS.

If we’re headed for an extended bad time of it, economically speaking and in other ways, too, we might as well face facts and come up with strategies to lessen the blows. I, for one, didn’t know how fast I could break a Starbucks addiction. But, baby, it’s gone.

In fact, my husband and I have cut back in a hundred small ways, and in a few big ones. I spend part of each day examining not only the news, but our own habits, bills, and expenses. I’ve made lists of small repairs that need to be made to the cars and house, the types of expenditures that will keep us from spending more later. When Doug, aka Mr. Fix-It, has a few minutes away from his desk, he knows he can always look at the list and accomplish an item on it with very little time or effort. And a sense of accomplishment that will prove useful both now and going forward.

I’m also working on taking inventory of everything we own—-right down to gadgets like a non-electric can opener, craft items (who knew I owned a decorative wood-engraving tool?) and car stuff like windshield wiper fluid and cans of de-icer. Not only is this inventory important for insurance purposes, but it prevents us from purchasing something we’ve already got (somewhere!) and affords us the opportunity to be much better stewards of our possessions.

We’ve been blessed in so many ways! I refuse to throw a pity party over our dismal investments, when we’ve got a beautiful family and love enough to go around.

Our lives haven’t changed too much yet, in spite of the devolving situation the world economies find themselves in. But the truth is that all of our lives could end up changing a lot, and for the long term. And the best thing we can do now in order to prepare for that possibility is to begin valuing the things that really matter.

After I’ve taken inventory of my material blessings, I know I’ll come back around to the only appreciating assets I’ve ever really had: faith, family, and friends.

It’s where we all started, and it’s where we’ll end up, too.

Posted by Katy on 11/17/08}

  1. I’ve been cleaning out our kitchen cupboards and trying to serve up “outdated” items.  Yesterday, I found a package of pizza crust mix (with a date of ‘02) and made up a deep dish pizza for lunch—with homemade tomatoe sauce, a few slices of pepperoni, a bit of green pepper and mushrooms.  My husband raved about it—but the crust didn’t rise.  :)

    Posted by Terri Lowry  on  12/20/08  at  11:13 AM

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