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Time’s Not On My Side

If you’re as old as I am—54 as of this writing—there’s still a bit of time. Not much, but I’ve heard tell that it’s amazing how much one can accomplish toward a goal if she puts her mind to it.

If you’re older than I am, I hope you still have a mind to put to it! Ha. Doug and I are committed not to waste these minds a moment longer. If we put our heads together, maybe we can come up with some great, implementable ideas that just might save our sorry behinds when the day comes—and it will—when we’re even OLDER than we are now.

If you’re younger than I am? It’s almost too late for you, too, but there’s still hope. Lots of hope. You can definitely turn your financial situation around, assuming it’s currently facing the wrong direction.

And once we get ourselves turned around, it’ll be all about the mo. I’m counting on the mo working in my favor, even if it must work really hard for a very short time.

Never mind the old boomer songs. Time is NOT on my side. If you’re fortunate enough to have it on yours, don’t let that sucker get away from you.

Posted by Katy on 05/29/08}
in Personal FinanceRetirement

  1. OK, I’m one year older, and the jury’s out on the whole “still have a mind” thing. I just have one question- Who’s Mo?

    Posted by draymond  on  10/01/07  at  06:59 PM

  2. tm8jidprcuihssxg

    Posted by Shon Wyatt  on  11/12/08  at  04:09 PM

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